January 23, 2010

Home With Our Newborn Daughter

There was no shortage of emotion (and commotion) as we returned home on December 19th with sweet Marguerite.

We cried as we pulled into the driveway with our six children. Yep, we cried. It had been a very emotional couple of weeks!

We rejoiced (and, yep, cried some more) on December 23rd when we learned that Marguerite was really ours. The adoption revocation window had passed. 

And we spent the next week snapping baby photos, baking Christmas cookies, snapping baby photos, putting up the Christmas tree,  snapping baby photos, wrapping Christmas gifts, snapping baby photos, and hanging the stockings.

Oh, did I mention we snapped baby photos?



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Love2Learn Mom said...

She is so sweet! Congratulations!!!