November 21, 2009

But What About Socialization?

For those who ask me the "what about socialization?" question of our homeschool decision, I direct them to this photo. This is a snapshot of my kids and their classmates at homeschool co-op which meets every Friday afternoon. We gather with these 120 homeschooled students every Friday for Science Lab, Art Class, Gym Class, Computer Programming, and Workshops (and, for the high schoolers, Public Speaking and Shakespeare as well). And these are the friends with whom our children have play dates and other extracurricular activities all week long.

Socialization? I'm pretty sure we're okay on that count. ;)

Bonus points for anyone who can find Anna Marie, Kathleen, William and Andrew in this photo. (Therese is not pictured, as this is only school-age children.)


Claudia said...

sooo happy to know this lovely group of students! and their very interesting parents!

Barb said...

I think socialization is not a problem for your kids, no way!

Natalie said...

I hate it when people stereotype homeschooled kids and I love it when parents prove it wrong.