October 15, 2009

Science at the Kitchen Counter

Science comes naturally in the Leone household, with dear ol' Dad being a beaker-head and all. (That's actually how he referred to himself when we first met.)

Depicted in the following photos are two of our latest science endeavors...

1) Kathleen's two cell model replicas.

The first represents an animal cell.
The second represents a plant cell.
The cells are edible delights, the primary ingredient being the ever-useful Jello brand gelatin.
It did not take long for enthusiastic kids to gobble up said yummies.

2) Assorted bones found in a small pile on our property. (On our rural property, this is not unusual, given the agressive coyote population.)

Joe helped the kids piece together the bones to reconstruct the deceased. Using the internet for assistance in identification, they determined that the unlucky guy was an opossum.


Claudia said...

wow! can I come to your school!?!?

Kathleen LOOKS like a scientist!
a VERY CUTE scientist!

Natalie said...

Looks like some good eatin'! I bet th ebones were like a really neat puzzle for the kids.

Barb said...

Yum, delicious cells! Well, not the bones....