October 10, 2009

Therese Keeps Us in Stitches

Therese came up to me yesterday and said, "Mom, did you know that Sally* is old enough to wear bras now?"

I said, "Yes, Honey, I did know that. But how did you know that?"

Therese responded, "Because I saw her put one on."

Just to be silly and to keep the interesting conversation going, I said, "Do you wear bras, Therese?"

Therese laughed and responded that no, "of course" she does not wear bras.

I was kind of chuckling, and I asked her why not.

She responded with utter seriousness, "Oh, for goodness sake, Mom... Because I don't have any ARMPITS yet!" :)

* Named changed to protect the easily-embarrassed older sister.


Grace said...

Ha HA ha HA ha HA! Therese should have her own show! :oD

Natalie said...

That is great! I'm still thankful I don't have girls yet though. =)