October 4, 2009

Dolly Delectables

When Anna Marie and Kathleen were wee ones, they had a little book that provided numerous food-for-dolls ideas. Ideas for creating soups from mud and berries. Sandwiches from leaves and grass. Drinks from rain steeped with spearamint, served in leaf cups. The foods were elegant and intricate in their back-to-nature sort of way. The girls spent hours at a time concocting feasts for their dolls. The book (the name of which I can't recall, sadly) is long-gone, having endured too many days, even weeks, left out in the rain. Oops.

Nevertheless, the memories and the creativity remain, and the girls have passed down their love of making doll food to young Therese. Even the boys, though they be loathe to admit it, find themselves curiously drawn every so often to the foods upon which these dolls will feast.

On the menu, pictured below:
  • Chive, Mushroom & Clover Soup in Savory Mud Broth
  • Mud Doughnut with Poisonous Berry Jelly Filling
  • Marinated Mushrooms with Berry Delight
  • Mashed Queen Anne's Lace (aka: Mashed Potatoes)
  • Mud Butter & Berry Sandwiches with Whole Leaf Bread
  • Spiced Wood Chips and Dip

1 comment:

Barb said...

Wow, way more sophisticated than the bathtub (soap, etc) mixes I used to make when I was a kid!