August 20, 2009

Weekend with Hubby

In our fourteen years of marriage, Joe and I had never been away from the kids for more than one night. And that was okay. But by June 2009, it was time to expand our horizons a bit and sneak away for... TWO NIGHTS.

We spent our second honeymoon (yeah, that's what it felt like) vacationing in the exotic tourist hotspot of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In a tribute to our long-gone youth we attended my law school reunion events and painted the town. We headed to an 80's club on Friday night and danced the night away with old law school pals. On Saturday night, I won the official from-the-podium tribute for the law school classmate with the most kids.

Here we are drinking vodka and cheap beer. (Some things haven't changed.)

And here I am with my ol' law school pals:

We arrived home eager to see the kids, but with a rejuvenated relationship. It was a grand getaway.

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Barb said...

Wow, Eliz looks like a party girl! Woo woo!