August 20, 2009

Heading off to Homeschool High School!

In June, our homeschool group, Holy Family Homeschoolers, celebrated the graduation of our biggest 8th grade class yet -- a group of thirteen students.

These students are all planning to continue homeschooling in high school, understanding the value in an education that can be tailored to their strengths and provide them the flexibility to pursue apprenticeships, internships, civic work and more.

Although our oldest, Anna Marie, just finished seventh grade, many of her pals are among this group of graduates. And as one of the HFH leaders, I am so proud of this group of students. They and their families are an inspiration to me, as we homeschool our children and head toward those high school years.

The photos below show eleven of the thirteen graduates, participating in the graduation Mass and blessing with Fr. Eric Sternberg.

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Barb said...

A good-lookin' bunch, of course! :oD