November 21, 2008

Running Leones

I am still trying to get caught up on blog posting. The photos in this post are accompanied by green grass and shorts-wearing children. For the record, it's twenty degrees outside as I type this, and we've already had snow. Let's just say, I'm a solid month behind in the Leone family updates.

Recently, our homeschool group, thanks to one very energetic mom, organized a cross country race for our students. What follows are pics of the kids before and during the race and--in the case of William--as he crossed the finish line.

A word about my boy, William: He's a runner! How did we not realize sooner that this would be his forte, his love? After all, he spends seemingly every moment of free time running in circles to music in the family room. This is a boy who's on the move always, every second of the day, if we let him.

The cross country race was something totally new to all of our kids. I was very impressed with them. Anna Marie, Kathleen, William, and Andrew all finished (some with smiles on their faces, some not). But William... He came across the finish line in utter glee, with nary a shadow of pain or exhaustion. He crossed the finish line wanting to run more! Can I tell you how this mother's heart sang at seeing William find something he absolutely loves? Check out the photo of him as he nears the finish...


Barb said...

Wow, prizes too! William definitely looks like he's found his calling!

Kris said...

What fun! William's a natural....he really does not look the least bit out of breath! :) The Delaneys