November 13, 2008


After a significant hiatus in blog-writing, during which time a new President was elected to lead our nation, I am posting our McCain-Palin rally photos. In October, the kids and I, together with our pal Grace, met up with friends in Waukesha and attended the McCain-Palin rally. The rally itself was one of the most reported rallies of the campaign, due to the energy of the crowd. Never in my life have I been so excited and energized at an event. The experience, particularly for the kids, was tremendous.

While waiting the two hours in line before getting into the sports complex, the kids met up with friends in line. They played cards in the parking lot and enjoyed viewing the many homemade signs. From the number of children present, it appeared that many adults felt the rally was a field-trip worthy civics lesson.

After the rally, we were able to get up close and personal with Sarah Palin. The kids got her autograph, while I stood on tippy folding chairs trying to snap the photos of her. A real thrill!

Now that Obama has been elected, we've taken down our McCain-Palin signs and our McCain-Palin bumper stickers, and we will respect Mr. Obama. Meanwhile, we will pray, every day, that Mr. Obama realizes the importance of leading this country with God at the helm, protecting first and foremost, the sanctity of every human life, no matter the stage, no matter the disability. We pray that Mr. Obama, who has shown that skin color is not an impediment to success and high office in our country, likewise comes to realize that size, age, and the stage of human development should not dictate whether a person has a right to live. As the kids like to quote Dr. Suess, "A person's a person, no matter how small."

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Barb said...

Boo hoo, sigh. But maybe the Leones can take a family vacation up to Alaska some day and pop in on the guv!