September 1, 2008

Summer in Whitewater

We spent a good bit of time at Joe's family's cottage on the lake in Whitewater this summer. With talk of selling the property, we are getting in our last hurrahs. This photo montage displays the great fun to be had "at Whitewater."

Joe's mom and his sister Cathie with little Therese:

Uncle Lou teaches William to play tennis:

Uncle George takes Andrew and Therese for a walk:

Therese loves the ride from atop Daddy's shoulders:

Conked out on Daddy's back:

William takes great pleasure in manning the wheel of the boat:

Kathleen takes a turn at the helm:

Anna Marie takes over so Uncle George can get back to his beer:

Uncle George has to pay attention again. Andrew is at the wheel!

Even Therese gets a turn:

Andrew gets Oakley outfitted in a life jacket on the floor of the boat.

Ahoy Matey, it's Captain Therese!

Kathleen and William get ready for their wild ride:

The kids play on the Whitewater lawn:

Kathleen and Grandma Carolyn:

Joe and his mom:


Barb said...

Ok, why is it that every time I see a photo of Anna now, I think it's Elizabeth???

Sandy said...

Oh my, looks like TOO MUCH FUN! I enjoyed the photos Eliz!