September 25, 2008

Pest control problem? We have your girl.

Have some uninvited pests in your home? Insects, spiders, ants? Rodents, perhaps?

Just call our Anna Marie.

Unafraid, undeterred, she'll catch any living thing that finds its way into your abode.

Witness the trapped ground squirrel which she caught in our home this summer.

How did we end up with a ground squirrel in our house, you ask? Ahem. Please ask that question of William and Andrew, primary culprits of the leave-the-door-open-every-time-you-walk-in-the-house routine.


Barb said...

Ok, see William's expression on the rooster post for my reaction to this.... :o0

Andrea said...

Ok, I am calling Anna Marie the next time our cat brings a critter in to play with. Animal control is not my favorite thing.