September 15, 2007

Entertainment a la Andrew

You know, you don't have to look far for entertainment and laughs in this family of seven. Especially when you have a resident ham for a three-year-old.

Andrew has taken to hanging off the counter by the pouch of his rotund belly, his feet a good twelve inches off the floor. He climbs up on a stool, takes his hanging-position when no one is looking, scoots the stool away with his feet, and then hangs there unassuming, not making a peep, until someone walks by and takes notice. It's a riot.

If you care to see a three-year-old-hanging-by-his-belly, c'mon over. You simply don't know what you're missing.


Barb said...

I'm thinkin' that boy has stroooong tummy muscles!

Elizabeth said...

He calls it his "stummy," so those are strong "stummy muscles." ;)

Anna Marie Leone said...

Great photo, Mom!