August 30, 2007

Packers vs. Bears

After first giving birth to two girls who adore dolls and all things girlie, I am finally feeling right at home having two rough-and-tumble boys. After all, I grew up in a house with six brothers and no sisters.

This is what simple playtime at our house looks like. The Packer (Andrew) and the Bear (William) snarl at each other; the ensuing "tackles" then break out.

No, it doesn't look much like a real football game, but it is a hoot to witness.


Barb said...

Those tuff guys will make great body guards for their mommy when they're older!

Sandy said...

And boys always LOVE their Mommy!

FUN pix, Eliz!

Come see my apples, I have my work cut out for me.


Andrea said...

Looks like my house too! BTW I tagged you for a Nice Award!