July 4, 2013


And when Anna Marie arrived home from March for Life, we had this massive surprise awaiting her—a brand new St. Bernard puppy!

Joe is "blindfolding" Anna Marie, as we walk her down to Adele's pen. Everyone is so excited to see Anna's reaction. She has always wanted a dog.
The reaction: priceless.
We were in the background telling Anna Marie to wait a few minutes until some of the kids went back inside before opening the pen. Adele had only been with us a few days and was very boisterous around all the new faces. We wanted Anna to have some one-on-one time with her, as Adele got to know Anna.
And here she is, with another proud owner, Mr. William.
Adele is 15 months old.

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Natalie said...

Oh!!! Congrats on the new puppy! Big puppy, but still adorable! Her reaction is priceless.