October 20, 2012

Leones Do Mt. Battie, Maine

Following our visit to Boston, we headed north to Maine. Our destination: Acadia National Park and a quaint little rental cottage right with a view of the ocean. 

But first, we stopped at Mt. Battie and took in the breathtaking view. Reaching Mt. Battie was not without challenge, given the pre- Fourth of July traffic. By the time we arrived, we were very ready to stretch our legs and admire the amazing views of the Atlantic.

Certain unnamed older children gave their mother a near-heart attack by standing with toes overhanging drop-offs. Needless to say, despite the amazing views, I was very happy to be back in the van with all seven munchkins safe and sound.

My two youngest girls. Oh, how I love these little ones! 
Honestly, do girls come any cuter than these two?
Marguerite (2), Lucia (1)
William, at the top of the world. Or at least at the top of Mt. Battie.
What a handsome guy!
One of my very favorite photos from the trip.
These three, the former youngsters of the family, are now our middle crew. And what a triumvirate they make.
Therese (6), Andrew (8), William (11)

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