September 15, 2012

Religious Freedom Rally

Joe was invited to join the distinguished ranks of Sen. Glenn Grothman, Rep. Evan Wynn, Julaine Appling, and Matt Sande to speak at our most recent Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally at the Federal Courthouse in Madison. Always a defender of the good, the beautiful, and the true, Joe gave a rousing speech—successfully out-shouting the very vocal protestors with unarguable, unassailable facts.

I was very proud of Joe. Those who know Joe know that he is nothing short of opinionated. But he is also logical and well-reasoned and has a great way of engaging the audience with well-constructed arguments. In this case, he was not arguing a claim for a patent application.  Rather, he was arguing that people of faith in the Unites States of America should be free to practice their faith, and no government should require its people (employers, in this case) to purchase goods or services (insurance, in this case) which contravene the tenets of our faith.

Joe Leone, you rocked the house and did an amazing job. I love you for telling it like it is.

Our friend, Syte Reitz, wrote an insightful post, featuring rally-goers, Joe and Lucia Leone.

Rep. Evan Wynn (for whom I am now working, incidentally) introducing none other than Joe Leone.

Joe Leone, doing what he does best—talking.  ;)
What an amazing defender of religious freedom I have in my husband.

Just after Joe finished speaking, he grabbed Lucia and posed for this photo.
And just as this photo was being snapped, protesters turned their signs to ensure Joe and Lucia had a nice little backdrop. Lovely, eh? 

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