September 15, 2012

Fifteen Kids and Counting

For four crazy-loud and fully entertaining days this summer, we had FIFTEEN children and FOUR adults living in this house.

Yes, my brother Tom and his wife Anne Marie arrived from Idaho with their eight kiddos and immersed us in life in their world—which is clearly almost as crazy as life in our world. We had nineteen of us living in this four-bedroom house. Add heat indexes above 100 degrees each day, and it was a cooker here in more ways than one.

Never have we laughed so hard or had quite so much fun.

Oh, how I wish these cousins were growing up next door to one another.

Here's hoping that the Lathams come back very soon.

Eight Lathams + seven Leones.

My sister-in-law, Anne Marie, with her beautiful daughter and her adoring niece, Marguerite.

Therese and Marguerite were ga-ga with all the baby-holding opportunities.
(Girls: Lucia was that age less than a year ago! Okay, so Lucia was at that size for only about a day!)

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