June 23, 2012

Kathleen is Fourteen!

The years keep on rolling by, and Kathleen has turned fourteen.

What a beautiful young lady she has become.

Our musician.

Our artist.

Our patient and helpful daughter.

Our poised and lovely young lady.

That lovely young lady also took hunter safety this year. With hunter safety under her belt, we decided it was time to get Kathleen a long-awaited gift: her own .22 for target shooting. Now that's a gift. (I think it goes without saying that there are no bullets in the gun in the photo below, and the gun and ammo are kept in separate locked safes, accessible only to the adults in the house.)

Kathleen made her own birthday cake this year.
It was supposed to a paisley-swirls sort of design, although Kathleen was fretting that it looked like fish! :)
We all thought it was very cute.
Our 14-year-old!
Kathleen and her best girlfriends. 
The next day, Kathleen opens her gifts. Including this "big one."


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