June 12, 2012

April Visit to Kansas

We made a whirlwind trip down to Kansas and back in April. This trip was already planned before I volunteered to organize Rick Santorum's campaign in Dane County. Considering our return to Wisconsin was scheduled for the night before the primary, it made for an intense time on the road, as I had plenty of pre-primary, get-out-the-vote work to do. As a result, Joe did all the driving, letting me stay glued to the laptop, which stayed nicely connected on the interstate via the MiFi. [Too bad Rick did not win Wisconsin and ultimately had to bow out.]

Despite the bumpiness of trying to organize Dane County from the road, we had a very nice time visiting Grandma Kate and Poppy (my mom and dad) and spending time with Uncle Andrew (my brother) and Aunt Alison and their cute boys.

Leone and Latham cousins enjoy a Kansas State horse show. 

Marguerite enjoys sunny Kansas.

Kissing cousins? 

"Is my cousin catching up yet?"

"My cousin is a chauffeur!" 

Lucia takes advantage of the ride that Penny provides.

Snuggling with Aunt Alison.

Poppy (Elizabeth's dad) and Andrew (Elizabeth's youngest brother)

We gave Grandma Kate a bird for Mother's Day. Anna Marie gets credit for the idea.
The bird liked Joe's head.
There was much talk about the potential for a pooptastrophe on Joe's head,
but nothing exciting came to "pass."

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