April 28, 2012

Working for Rick

I had the opportunity this spring to work as Rick Santorum's county captain for Dane County, together with my friend Jeanne. What a wild ride those short two weeks were, as we drummed up support, distributed signs, helped organize the Janesville rally, and so much more.

Election night was disappointing, as it would turn out that Wisconsin was Rick's last stand in the primary. However, we know that Rick brought so much good to the race and got the American public talking about some of the most important issues of all.

I met some amazing people in the process of working for Rick, and I expect to be assisting in a campaign again in the future.

The photos below are taken at the Janesville rally for Rick:

Elizabeth & Anna Marie get Elizabeth Santorum's autograph.
Speaking with Elizabeth Santorum

Rick Santorum 
Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum

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