April 21, 2012

Twelfth Night I

When Twelfth Night (the Italian feast of the Epiphany) approaches each year, the Leones head north to celebrate with Joe's sister Cathie, her husband Jeff, and slew of relatives. We're always wiped out from the two birthdays, Christmas, and New Year's Eve that all get smooched into a short December. Nevertheless, we gear up, pack the van, and always have a riot.

At Twelfth Night, we...

Wine and dine with crazy brothers... (Bill & Joe)
Catch up with cousins and aunts... (Callie, Cathie, Anna Marie, and James)

Cavort with uncles... (Tony & Lucia) 
Trade tales with sisters... (Joe & Margaret)
Get extra mom-time... (Elizabeth & Lucia)
Compete with cousins... (Callie, Kathleen, Anna Marie, and Callie) 
Snuggle with aunts while uncles sleep... (Margaret, Lucia, Lou) 
And try the patience of friendly cousins.  (James & Therese)

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