April 21, 2012

NOT Doing It All

There are those who ask "how I do it all" with seven kids and homeschooling and the various projects I place upon myself. The truth of the matter is that I don't. I come up far short in so many areas. I should devote more time to my husband, I should devote more time to prayer, I should come up with more time to simply play with the kids... and in  a not-so-important area, I could devote more time to blogging—since this blog is my version of our family scrapbook.  I print the blog in book form at the end of each year, and I put a wee bit o' pressure on myself to keep it up. Since one of my last posts had do with Christmas, I've fallen far short.

So... In traditional Elizabeth-fashion, I will now spend this weekend catching up on January through April posts. (I did spend my entire Saturday until now cleaning our basement top to bottom.) One of these days, I'll be regular about my family blogging. In my dreams.

Meanwhile, I"m on a mission to cut a few non-essentials out of our crazy-run-around-schedule...

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