December 20, 2011

Seamstress Anna Marie

So one evening, a few days before Christmas, Anna Marie whips out the sewing machine, pulls out a skirt of Marguerite's, looks at it, traces around it, and starts whipping out a brand new tiered skirt in a festive corduroy pattern.

Just like that.

One minute there's no skirt, the next minute (well thirty minutes later), there is this adorable "Christmas skirt."

But, wait, there's more...

No sooner does Anna Marie finish Marguerite's skirt, than she sets off to make a matching jumper for Lucia.

In less than a total of two hours, we have beautiful matching Christmas outfits for our two littlest girls, courtesy of one seriously talented and crafty seamstress.

I (always needing a pattern, myself) am impressed to my very core. And these skirts are cute, cute, cute! (So are all three girls involved. :)

Anna Marie with her two youngest sisters, Marguerite and Lucia.
Check out those adorable brown corduroy outfits! 


Your friends up in Canada, the Morin's xoxoxoxox said...

Wow! That is totally amazing. I never knew Anna-Marie could do this. What a talented young lady!

Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

She's amazing! :)