November 16, 2011

Time Alone with Marguerite

On a Saturday in November, a rare treat befell me: I had a couple hours alone with Marguerite. Just the two of us. 

Joe had taken all but the two littlest kids out for some (birthday-for-me!) shopping. I had a very quiet house, with only a baby and a toddler on the premises. When little Lucia went down for a nap and was safely nestled in her crib, Marguerite and I decided to head out on a little walk around our property. What a great time! We talked (toddler talk though it may have been), and we laughed. Marguerite tried to repeat every word I said.

It's easy to forget how important the one-on-one time is with each child. With a big family, I have to consciously create that time. With my oldest daughters, it might be something as simple as sitting on the edge of their beds and quietly chatting with them in those few moments before we all head to sleep. Last week, I was able to slip away for to a coffee shop for a half hour with my oldest daughter. I will always cherish these times. I love the hubbub and merriment of the big-family dynamic, but the one-on-one times are precious and needed too. 

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