October 15, 2011


We always figured Marguerite and Lucia would develop a special bond. We just never imagined we see it so early. 

Upon awaking, Marguerite's first activity is to peek into Lucia's bassinet and make sure she is "awake, awake!" 

While we change Lucia's morning diaper, Marguerite strokes her face. 

If Lucia is fussy, Marguerite takes her own pacifier out of her mouth and puts it in Lucia's mouth.  (No, we do not encourage the pacifier swap, but it happens.)

If Lucia is crying for long, Marguerite runs to her side, exclaiming, "Don't kye, Cheetah! Don't kye!" 

These two have a bond that is intense and something to behold. How blessed we all are to be able to watch them grow up together, these two beautiful girls.

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