October 15, 2011

Our Pianist

Kathleen came home from her music studio's awards night with...

not ONE...

not TWO...

not THREE...

but FOUR awards.

Out of a large music studio, earning just one award would be a special accomplishment.

But this music studio has only one KATHLEEN.  And Kathleen stacks up accomplishments like a lumberjack stacks up wood.

Our Kathleen is the most driven musician I have ever met. Homeschooling is such a great fit for Kathleen, because her drive and determination means that she can get all her school work finished early, and have all the excess time to pursue her passion—piano.

Ask Kathleen to play for you someday. Pretty amazing stuff. (Do I sound like a proud mom, or what?)

Kathleen wins her studio's "Insatiable" award—for her insatiable love for creating music.
Kathleen wins the "Mega Chops" award — for tackling difficult songs and blowing them out of the water.
Kathleen wins the coveted "MPH" award — for her ability to learn with lightning speed.
Last, but hardly least, Kathleen wins the studio's "Hardest Worker" designation.
Go, Kathleen! You amaze and inspire all of us!

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