October 15, 2011

Beautiful Hair

Marguerite has some beautiful hair.

Learning how to care for it has been a huge learning curve for Yours Truly. Sometimes it even requires two of us. But I am constantly in awe of the beauty of this tightly-coiled mass of hair which looks so exotic when in an afro and so sophisticated when tightly corn-rowed.

Marguerite, you are beautiful!

When time is tight, it takes both Mommy and Daddy to work through my hair.
Check out my freshly-combed hair.
Twenty-one months old, and I have a lot of hair! 
When Mom pulls my hair straight, it's down to my shoulders.
Braids are nice, but it feels good to have my hair "loose" once in a while.


Natalie said...

The afro is adorable!

Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

It's some big, beautiful hair, that's for sure!

Don't you love how I do a month or two of blog updating in one Saturday? I'm actually "caught up" though now! :)

claudia said...

I love it! You could certainly let her wear it that way sometimes, when time is tight and her hair cannot be!