June 17, 2011

Thursday on the River along the Tennessee Border

We spent Thursday fighting the extreme heat by seeking out the recommended local swimming hole on the Ocohee River. Joe and I took turns on the river bank with our little Peanut Lucia while we alternated with helping the other kids in the water. The water was shallow and virtually still, but the rocks were slippery underfoot, so Marguerite and Therese required some careful attention. Most of the time, I stayed out of the water, shading and fanning Lucia—and sprinkling bottled water on her. It was one seriously hot day. Eventually, I made my way down to the water while Joe held Lucia. It was good just to get wet.

Anna Marie in the north Georgia mountains. 
Cooling ourselves in the river. 
Okay, I would normally never post a photo of myself in a swimming suit—blech!
But look at our peanut Lucia! I thought this was such a great photo of her, I couldn't resist including it.
(Marguerite simply would not look at the camera. She was having far too much fun taking over Lucia's stroller.)

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