September 24, 2011

Summer of Friends

This summer was a full one... an adoption, two "babies" in the house, two out-of-state vacations, cross country practices, swimming lessons, music lessons, Cub Scouts, gymnastics, and a big theatrical production. That left precious few free moments. Nevertheless, we made time to be with good friends.

Anna Marie (center) with two of her best friends.
Baby Lucia with big sister Therese's "favorite friend."
Anna Marie (front right) with some of her cross country teammates.
Andrew (front, left), Kathleen (center), and William (right) enjoy the company of a favorite cast mate, after their last of seven "Big River" performances. 
Several of the Leone kids visit the farm of some friends in Westby, Wisconsin.
The Leone kids enjoy the zoo with a favorite friend and Godmother, Claudia.
Anna Marie (left) and friends include Marguerite in their hanging out time.

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Natalie said...

That is an awesome climbing tree your friends have!