September 25, 2011

Run, Anna, Run!

Anna Marie is enjoying her first season of cross country. Her season began early, as the team began training together in mid-June. Her training regimen was intense, with daily trainings during June and July, followed by twice-a-day training sessions during much of August.

All that training resulted in a seriously well-conditioned team, and Anna Marie felt great and was eager for her first meet at the end of August. However, all that training took a toll on our first-year runner, and Anna Marie ended up with a pretty serious groin pull just a few days before the first meet. Sadly, she missed participating in her first four meets and had to miss almost a month of practices.

Just last Saturday, she ran in the fifth meet of the season—her first. It was the hilliest and most challenging course in these year's line-up, so it was a brutal way to start her season. Even so, Anna Marie showed grit and determination and finished strong. We were all so proud of her. As I type, she is preparing for her second meet, and the groin injury seems to be behind her.

Run, Anna, run!

Anna Marie (front, fourth from the right) with her cross-country teammates.

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