September 24, 2011

Random Summer Shots - Take 2

We had such fun introducing Lucia to Rebecca, our friend and amazing trainer.
Rebecca and Lucia, getting to know each other.
Rebecca sometimes feeds Lucia for us during our workouts.
I did an enormous amount of gardening this year. This was perennial installation number 1.

William oversees the mass of new perennials, as we prepare for a long day of digging and planting.
Kathleen finds a very cute perch for a very cute little Lucia. 
Big-time sisterly love. 
She doesn't always look so stunned. Stunned or not, I thought this was a pretty cute photo of Miss Lucia.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Oh those flowers are pretty. I love gardening and your view is just great. I love Lucia in the basket. =)