September 24, 2011

Catholic Familyland - Part 1

This summer we decided to take a summer vacation in Ohio at a place called Catholic Familyland. Catholic Familyland offers camping-style vacations for those who wish to come together to enjoy faith and family. It is part retreat, part camp-out.

The thought of traveling with a three-week old and roughing it in a cabin with no running water was a bit daunting. However, we had made our reservations in fall of 2010, and we decided we'd go for it. We could always come home early if it wasn't going so well.

We had a great time. The kids participated in kids programs during the morning, while talks were made available to the adults. Our afternoons and evenings were spent swimming, playing ball, horseback riding, exploring, roasting marshmallows, zipping down water slides, playing volleyball, and more.

Our cabin was rustic and simple, presenting a challenge with a three-week-old baby and a toddler. However, with tips from family friends who also attended, we managed quite comfortably. We did arrive home tired, but the kids are already begging us to return. They had fun with our caravan of Wisconsin friends and made many new friends as well.

If I had to review Catholic Familyland, I would say that it is loads of fun for the kids and doctrinally solid. However, the music at the Masses leaves something to be desired. While the Masses were reverent, the "praise and worship" style music is not our favorite. Bring in some Gregorian chant and some traditional Catholic hymns, and we are sold. All-in-all, Catholic Familyland is a good place doing some very good things.

Here are some shots of our very tiny one-room/with-a-divider cabin...

William and Andrew ascend the stairs to their sleeping loft. We kept it simple and brought only sleeping bags and pillows—no other bedding. With baby gear, our van space was tight, and sleeping bags rolled tightly seemed the best route.
Kathleen and Elizabeth at the small table in our cabin. We assembled meals here most days and then ate outside on the grass where there was more room for a family of nine. 
Marguerite conked out one night before we could even set up her sleeping bag properly. 
The loft was a very large hit.

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Natalie said...

Oh I wish I knew when you were in Ohio! We just moved to the Dayton area in August. =)