May 25, 2011

Baby Coming!

Wonderful, exciting news...  Marguerite's birth mother will be induced tomorrow (Thursday) evening at a Macon hospital. We are quickly packing bags and checking of our to-do lists.

Oddly, the induction will begin at midnight. Since T has a history of fast deliveries, we anticipate she'll deliver sometime in the early hours of Friday morning.

Joe will complete his day at the office today, and we'll pack the van completely tonight. We'll leave very early tomorrow morning and do the 17-hour drive in one day. We'll arrive in Macon late tomorrow night and get some sleep before heading over to the hospital on Friday morning. If we can make it all work, we may be able to be present for the birth!

Although we'll meet the baby on Friday, we won't be able to take placement and T won't be able to sign surrenders until Saturday morning.

That's the very exciting scoop from here... Stay tuned to our adoption blog for more complete updates... 
We are giddy over here!


Natalie said...

Congrats! So glad you finally got some news on what is going on. Can't wait for more pictures and the new baby's name. =)

Kim said...

Staying tuned!! Hooray!