March 10, 2011

The Youngest Munchkins

Marguerite has a favorite spot under the dining room table.
Therese and Andrew enjoy a game of Cathedral. (Does Andrew look a bit too gleeful?)
Detective Therese does a bit of research.
The detective sits in her office, planning her next move.
Joe and his two youngest girls.
Cutie-pie Marguerite!


Natalie said...

Love the detective picture! Maybe you should check out the library for some Nancy Drew books! I loved those at her age. =)

Amy Willson said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Just was thinking about you and found your blog! Love seeing the kids. Hope Anna Marie had a great time at TeenPact. What a week they had.

Hope all is well with you!


Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

Hey Amy!

So good to hear from you! Thanks for leaving a comment on the ol', outdated family blog. :)

Teen Pact was amazing, and it was so great to have Emily there in a leadership role. I just smiled ear-to-ear when Anna Marie and Joe came home on Monday and said Emily was one of the leaders! :) She is really growing up, and doing such great things.

We will certainly be back for Teen Pact next year. It was a great experience, although truth be told I was a bit rattled with the whole protest thing going on. I'm hoping they get a much quieter week next year.

Hope the Willsons are all well. We miss you guys! I don't seem to have a current email for you, so if you see this comment, please send me an email.