March 20, 2011

The Man O' Many Handfuls

And the birthdays just keep rolling in the Leone home...

Therese became a "whole handful" this year.  I wonder how many handfuls Joe became in Mid-March?

Hmmm...     Let me think...     doing the math...    complicated...

Well, the lawyer in me says we'll just say it's a lot, and leave it at that.

But he sure does look good, doesn't he?

Happy birthday to the best husband a girl could ever want!

Joe with the Munchkins Six.
Birthday boy and Marguerite.
Elizabeth presents homemade cheesecake to Happy Hubby.
(Historical footnote: Cheesecake was the first dessert Elizabeth made for Joe, back in Dating Days.) 
Like the "OLD" candle?
Said candle is courtesy of the kids, not the ever-lovin' wife.
Just sayin'.
Happy birthday, Love!

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