December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

A year ago on Christmas Eve, we awoke to the amazing realization that Marguerite would be with us forever. At the stroke of midnight on the night of December 23rd, the revocation period ended. Christmas Eve last year was one big happy, tired celebration.

This year, with renewed energy and feeling a whole lot less sleep-deprived, we celebrated a much more mellow Christmas, remembering fondly the year that has passed since Marguerite entered our lives.

Staying home, we cooked our usual feast—an array of finger foods, with a seafood focus. 

Following the meal, Joe read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to the kids, followed by Luke's account of Jesus' birth. The little ones tracked Santa's progress on the Norad Santa Radar site, and went to bed with visions of Legos, dolls, and Nerf guns in their heads.

The kids are sprinkling "reindeer dust" on the front lawn, so Santa's reindeer will be able to find some sustenance when they arrive.
Christmas Eve dinner.
Using the tablecloth that Grandma Carolyn brought us from Italy.
Oh, we miss Grandma Carolyn so. 
Therese and William survey the food choices after the first round of Oysters Rockefeller.
Escargot were on the menu this year...
And bacon-wrapped scallops are on the menu every year.
Joe reads the account of Jesus' birth from the Bible, directly after Christmas Eve dinner.

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