November 6, 2010

Munchkin Photo Ops

It wouldn't be fall without a healthy dose of caramel apples and some diligent students... 

(No, these are not the diligent students.)
Anna Marie does freshman year Biology.

Kathleen, always dutiful, does her school work.
Therese, our preschooler, is becoming a better artist all the time!


Kathleen Leone said...

That first picture of Marguerite is so cute! It's my favorite one you have of her.

+JMJ+ said...

Had to smile hearing CLOSER I AM TO FINE.

And then had to smile again seeing your little ones face by the apples....ooooo she is soooo cute!!

Can I ask where you got the great microscope? I'm looking for one just like it. If it from Home Science Tools?

Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

Hi, +JMJ+,

(Sorry... I feel like I should know your first name after all this time hanging out on your blog, but I'm not sure that I do!?)

Yes, the microscope is from Home Science Tools. I can't remember offhand what model it is, but I think my husband would (he picked it out), if you want any info on it. It's been very good so far. We just purchased it at the end of the summer, and Anna Marie has been using it all school year for Regina Coeli's Biology course (which uses Apologia Biology).

As for the music, some of it is just supposed to be nice "family" music, in keeping with the theme of the blog. But then there are songs like Closer to Fine that just take me a back to a certain time... :)