September 18, 2010

Fourteen-Year-Old Anna Marie

Holy cow. We have a fourteen year old.

Anna Marie had a great time on her birthday, celebrating with Heather the week before, and enjoying our family celebration on her actual birthday.

This year, Anna Marie broke from tradition and opted to eat at home, rather than at her favorite Mexican restaurant. She selected Dad's famous Brazilian Chicken on the Grill for the entree. Yum!

For the last three years, Anna Marie has insisted on making her own cake. Not this year. She decided she wanted our local bakery's "Death by Chocolate" delicacy.

The kids made Anna Marie a fun birthday poster.
Our fourteen-year-old!
Books... Lots of books!
Anna Marie received "Writing Fiction for Dummies."
She also received the authoring software, Storyist, to assist her in writing her ongoing novel.
Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.
(She's only been begging for it for a year.)
Happy birthday,  Sweet Anna Marie!
Showing off the Star Wars dessert plates.

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