September 18, 2010

Cross Country Racers

Still processing the excitement of the kids' triathlon, we moved right into our Frassati Runners and Holy Family Homeschoolers annual cross country race. The racers were divided by age bracket and by gender.

Kathleen decided to sit out this race. And Anna Marie, now a high schooler, was too old for the race. (It seems just the other day she was looking up to all those big kids. Now she was one of them, helping to mentor the younger runners and monitor the finish line.)

The Leone racers this year were William, Andrew, and Therese. William and Andrew ran the big cross-country course, while Therese ran in the pee-wee race on the track.

All our competitors did well. But a very special mention goes to William who WON HIS RACE! William is so proud of his first place trophy. For those who know of William's story, this is a very big deal. I am so proud of him and so happy for him.

This is when I first caught site of William, coming down the course in the lead. At this point, they've already been running for about eight minutes.  William holds the lead (although it was a tough battle) between here and the finish line. 
William and his friend Kurtis battle it out for first and second place.
I was monitoring this top part of the course, so I didn't get to see the finish, but apparently it was very close.
That's Andrew in the tie-dyed shirt. He was racing with kids twice his size, bless his heart. He is such a trooper!

Here is Therese (in purple, on the right) preparing for her pee-wee race.

The pee-wee race participants gather.
Quick photo of Therese with her foot on the starting line.
She came in 4th place. Go Therese!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the runners and their coaches! VERY impressive!! What alot of hard work and FUN!