August 9, 2010

Wind, and Rain, and Funnel Clouds - Oh My!

Shortly after our return from Colorado, we got in on some nasty weather. We had four-and-a-half hours of tornado warnings on this particular evening. Check out some of the funnel clouds forming.
Funnel cloud, viewed from our front porch.
Funnel clouds trying to take shape. Viewed from our front porch.
Dueling funnel clouds just across the road from our house.
We saw the rotation and felt the wind on this one.
Backyard view as things were starting to settle down.
Joe and Marguerite take a quick step out into the yard to see what is happening.
The other kids were busily watching a video from the safety of the root cellar.
As the sun peeks out and the last of the storms pass.
And here's a candid of the kids watching videos in the root cellar during the storms.


Natalie said...

Such a wonderful trip you guys had and interesting homecoming. If you're ever around the southern colorado or northern new mexico area, you should check out the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. You ride an old train through the pass from Antanito to Chama and then bus back. If your kids are into trains then that would be a lot of fun.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the info about the dude ranch. As for moving, we might end up in southern Ohio for a couple years for my hub to go to school. I think it would be great to meet you too!