August 9, 2010

Traveling to Ouray

We traveled from Mesa Verde National Park in the southwest corner of Colorado to the picturesque little town of Ouray, in the middle of Colorado. We drove Highway 550—the Million Dollar Highway. Let me tell you, that was a serious white-knuckler. Here are some photos from along the way.

We stopped at a honey shop north of Durango on 550.
At Monarch Pass.
It was very chilly at this elevation. A couple hours back, at Mesa Verde, I was wearing a sleeveless shirt.
I definitely needed my jacket here.
Monarch Pass.
This photo just doesn't do justice to the magnificence of those mountains.
Kathleen at Monarch Pass.
Anna Marie at Monarch Pass.
Kathleen and Elizabeth at Monarch Pass.
Anna Marie at Monarch Pass.
William and Andrew at Monarch Pass.
We arrived in Ouray—Little Switzerland—nestled in the mountains, at dusk.
The drive was a nail-biter with plenty of hairpin turns, crumbling road edges, and no guard rails.

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Barry said...

What a nice place, I really like that place.^_^
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