May 8, 2010

Kathleen Undergoes Surgery

Last month, Kathleen underwent a colonoscopy and an endoscopy, in an effort to determine the cause of her chronic stomach problems.

The surgery, under general anesthesia, revealed nothing abnormal. That's good, of course, but it still leaves us, together with her doctors, scratching our heads. Besides the weight loss and discomfort during and after meals, Kathleen has endured blood tests, stool samples, barium swallows, dietary elimination trials, and now general anesthesia. And we have found no answers. We have been told that many patients with celiac disease and Crohn's Disease (both of which she was tested for) don't have positive biopsy results. Yet, with drastic dietary changes, their condition improves, and in many cases the symptoms entirely disappear.

Two suggested diets for those with stomach issues are the GAPS Diet and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. We are preparing to begin the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with Kathleen, to see if she feels some improvement. If she does not experience improvement a month after beginning the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, we will move into the GAPS Diet, which is stricter. Here's hoping that we come to some resolution for sweet Kathleen who just wants to enjoy her food and be comfortable again.

Below, Kathleen stands in the lobby of the hospital, an hour before surgery.

Kathleen speaks with her anesthesiologist just before she is wheeled into surgery. (Yes, that's baby sister, Marguerite, in Kathleen's arms.)

Kathleen, ready to go home, post-surgery. She was SO glad to have the surgery behind her.


Kris said...

We're sorry for the stomach issues and that there were no real answers revealed with the testing! Let's hope the first diet helps Kathleen to feel better :) Saying a prayer for you, Kathleen! The Delaneys

Barb said...

Ok, except for the doc, I would have sworn that she'd gone to a movie theater. What kind of crazy hospital is that?!

+JMJ+ said...

Praying to St. Elmo for Kathleen, so sorry to hear this.

Natalie said...

There is also a diet called the Fiengold Diet that another blog mom friend of mine uses with her daughter with amazing results. It is strict, cutting out all food dye and many processed foods and such, but it's good know you have options when it comes to special diets.