March 27, 2010

Watch What You Eat on Fridays

Upon rising yesterday morning, Joe mentioned that it's a Friday in Lent. "No meat today," he said.

"Awwwww, I wanted cereal for breakfast," said Andrew, still in his pajamas.

"Cereal?" we asked. "You can have cereal, Buddy."

"No," Andrew said. "We can't eat it on Friday."

Then and there, we had a little discussion about the fact that cereal is definitely not meat, even if perhaps Grape Nuts (a staple around here) does resemble ground beef ever so slightly.

Too funny.

An hour later, we're sitting around the breakfast table, and I pull out the cereal.

Andrew, quite sure that's he's catching me shirking my Catholic duty, scolds me.  "Mom, you're forgetting something. It's Friday. We can't eat wheat."


Light-bulb moment at the Leone household:  All these years, Andrew apparently thought we were abstaining from wheat on Fridays.


Kim said...

Too cute! What a sweetie!

Natalie said...

It's funny for us parents when our light bulbs click on. Haha. What a great story!