January 23, 2010

Santa Train

We decided to take the kids on the Santa Train in East Troy this year. The day turned out to be memorable for more reasons than one. As it turns out, it was the day on which we were scheduled to have our conference call with Temple, Marguerite's birthmother who was, at the time, still pregnant with our little Marguerite.

The conference call was scheduled for one hour before train departure. So we drove the 1.5 hour trip to East Troy and planned to sit in the parking lot and take the important call in the van.

Before the call came in, however, we decided to go into the gift shop and load up on some sweets for the kids. We figured sweets equal quiet. And if there was ever a time we needed a bit of quiet, it was for the duration of this most important phone call.

Just before we entered the train depot's gift shop,  the kids took a ride on the big wooden horses corralled out front.

With candy in hand, we made our way out to the van, made the sugar distributions, and took the very important call. It was wonderful to talk to Temple and to answer her questions and help quell her concerns. With tears in our eyes, we hung up the phone, knowing the arrival of our new daughter was imminent, and feeling the very special joy of just having spoken to her birth mother.

We embarked on the Santa Train ride with eager hearts, hardly able to think about anything other than our forthcoming trip to Georgia to adopt Marguerite.



Love2Learn Mom said...

Ha! I thought that first picture looked familiar. That must be the Elegant Farmer in East Troy, or is it Mukwonago. We've been there many times and live only about 40 minutes north of there. Looks like a fun day!

Barb said...

Joe always looks ready for adventure. Those suckers are huge!!