January 29, 2010

Nursing Rabbits

Therese was carrying around her piggy-bank all morning a few days ago. (It's actually a rabbit bank, not a piggy bank.)

I thought maybe she was obsessing about her pennies.

Some time later, I hear Therese talking to herself.

"Rabbit, you are just so hungry."

"I've been nursing you all day, and you just never stop eating."

"Rabbit, you must let me rest. This has been going on for hours."

Cracking up, I asked Therese to let me photograph her with her nursing rabbit.


Barb said...

I was thinking she's looking more and more grown-up every day, but nursing rabbits had not occurred to me!!!

Tessa D. said...

My daughter thinks maybe the rabbit was hungry for pennies instead of milk. We thought it was cute.