November 21, 2009

When Animals Wed

Joe and I received a beautiful wedding invitation in the "mail" last week. The invitation informed us that a wedding was to take place upstairs, in Therese's bedroom. No gifts necessary.

At the designated time and date, we arrived to the sights and sounds of this elegant wedding scene—a "church" full of animals, dolls and assorted people, ready to witness the nuptials. Appropriate violin music wafted from Therese's CD player choir loft.

The poodle bride wore a lovely gown of white and a veil which covered her furry face.
The tiger groom wore a sophisticated construction paper top hat, setting off his dashing stripes.

The view from the altar was equally impressive with animals and dolls alike, gathered for the ceremony.

Since the bride's father was nowhere to be found, Therese gently removed Poodle's veil at the altar.

And at the appropriate time, Therese stepped forward to help the newlyweds kiss.

A lovely and memorable affair.


Claudia said...

Oh, this is precious! And I love love love your narration!

Barb said...

A tiger and a poodle make a good-lookin' couple too!

Natalie said...

That is just so sweet!

Kris said...

This looks just like what takes place at my house quite frequently!!! LOL

Sandy said...

Oh, this made me SMILE :)