August 20, 2009

Making Art with Mrs. Daniel

This goes down in the Leone family annals as one of the nicest things ever done for our kids...

Our dear friend, Claudia, and her husband John, invited Kathleen to spend two days and two nights at their home (about 40 minutes from us) making art with Artist Claudia and feasting on Chef John's delicious food. The second of five kids, Kathleen reveled in the one-on-one attention she received, delighted in working on art without interruption, and brought home many wonderful stories of her adventures at the Daniel home.

Claudia and John are like family, and they gave Kathleen the thrill of her summer. With a love for creating art and enjoying good food, Kathleen was pretty much in heaven. Thank you, Daniels!!!


Claudia said...

This art 'n eat time with Kathleen was a real treat for both John and me! We hope to do it again! As Godson Andrew matures, we may have to find a way to spend time with him Joe might say, mano a mano. But this will be more influenced by the man of the house out here, as Andrew may not be as "into" what I know how to do.....make art (and, of course, eat!)

And how I love being featured on blogs! It's like being famous without having to go to acting or modeling school!

Barb said...

How fun, and I luv Kathleen's top!