April 12, 2009

Easter with the Leones

As Therese put it today, "Jesus rosed from dead, and then the big, big, big bunny comes and give us coc-o-lat."

We had a wonderful Easter which began with Mass at Holy Redeemer and was followed by plenty of feasting. The kids arrived home to Easter baskets full to overflowing with "coc-o-lat," books, new shirts, and some fun art supplies. After the egg hunt, we had my Uncle Larry and his assistant, Karen, arrive to help us celebrate our Easter feast. It couldn't have been a better Easter, and the weather cooperated to boot.

The food-nut in me feels the need to post our Easter menu. Mmmmmm... It was a good one this year, and the Frozen Lemon Pavlova will definitely be making a return to the Leone Easter menu next year.

Easter Morning Breakfast: Swiss & Mushroom Quiche

Easter Dinner

Appetizers: Assorted Cheeses, Crackers, Olives & Nuts

Main Course:
Caesar Salad
Curried Deviled Eggs
Elizabeth’s Wheat Rolls
Joe’s Famous Leg of Lamb
Joe’s Famous Garlic-Rubbed New Potatoes
Marinated Mushrooms
Asparagus & Hollandaise Sauce

Frozen Lemon Pavlova
New York Cheesecake

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