February 28, 2009

Our Kalahari Adventure

No, no, we didn't go to Africa...

But we did finally take the kids to the Kalahari water park in the Wisconsin Dells.

The first photo shows the excited kids on the short drive up to the Dells. They could hardly contain themselves. The following photos give a little flavor of our overnight quarters, a very nice room that had a kitchen and dining room, helping us save a little money and some sanity too.

Joe and I managed to sneak out one evening for a quiet dinner inside the resort while the kids snuggled in for a Pay-per-View Disney movie. It's so nice to have now have daughters who are old enough to babysit.

In an interesting twist (ahem), two-year-old Therese had to give up her stroller for ten-year-old Kathleen who turned her ankle in the waterpark. The stroller may never be the same. ;)

Many memories were made. The kids are ready and raring to go back. The adults could probably wait a couple years.

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