January 31, 2009

Munchkin Musicians

Anna Marie and Kathleen have developed real connections with their music teachers and are improving rapidly.

Interestingly, both their teachers were homeschooled through high school and went on to pursue degrees in music. So there is the homeschool connection. But they're also both just great people, fabulous musicians, and a real inspiration for our girls.

Chris' influence has led Kathleen to a strong desire to be a composer someday. Indeed, he is already teaching Kathleen how to improvise and make her own music.

Katie is the best thing that's happen to Anna Marie and her music. After a string of violin teachers who changed careers or moved away, Katie is a staple in Anna Marie's life. We no longer have to remind Anna Marie to practice.

Best of all, the Leone family band is edging closer to reality. With singers, pianists, fiddlers, and guitar and banjo players (not to mention accordion and harmonica players), we are well-situated to make some serious music.

The images below are of Chris & Kathleen, and of Katie & Anna Marie, after a recent recital.

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Barb said...

Jeepers, maybe Katie should become Anna Marie's tutor all the time! A child who practices with no reminder is a rare one!